Residential Management Services

Like any asset worth keeping, responsible management is the key to watching it grow in value. For residential and commercial rental real estate, this means having an experienced team in place that can offer insight and service, no matter what the challenge. At Legacy Residential Group, we pride ourselves on being a group made up of many different specialists, each committed to maximizing results … and it shows in our proven track record of performance!

To us, residential properties are more than just profit centers … they are the places where people build their lives. We believe that dedication to excellence truly makes a difference.


We place properties back in the spotlight by highlighting those features that set them apart and have the greatest potential to attract residents. From brochures and advertising to specially targeted promotions and collateral, our team makes every marketing dollar count with impactful, cost effective solutions.


Day-to-day property management has the power to make or break a residential rental community. We will hire, train, and advise your operations team to anticipate resident and property needs and respond appropriately. Whether it’s the leasing office staff or property maintenance personnel, we make sure properties are supported by the best people.

Customer Satisfaction

Resident retention is imperative to a property’s stabilization and expense control. Our residents enjoy 24-hour maintenance response time, community events and social activities. Our residents have a voice through community surveys and group panel discussions.

Renovation and Construction

In turning a property around, Legacy Residential Group often recommends renovations. This can be to make a property more competitive with newer properties in the area or to deliver a unique caliber of amenities. In either case, the end goal is to retain current residents and attract new ones. As part of this process, we also go beyond recommendations and offer complete project management and construction supervision, ranging from overseeing budgets all the way through inspections.

Due Diligence and Risk Management

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Residential real estate is no different. Just one incorrectly filed certification or leasing policy is all it takes to destroy the reputation and popularity of a community. Legacy Residential Group provides detailed auditing of lease files, interior and exterior inspections, and aggressive pricing for comprehensive Property, General Liability and Umbrella insurance coverage.

Commercial Management Services

Market Analysis

To assume the commercial market performs exactly the same as the residential market makes it nearly impossible for a commercial property to realize its full potential. Legacy Residential Group investigates what factors are influencing commercial property rentals, including location, amenities, pricing, accessibility, and more to help uncover the ideal target market for a particular property.

Long-Term Planning

Unlike the residential market, which can be extremely transient, commercial properties have tremendous potential for creating long-term leasing scenarios. The ability to do this successfully and profitably, however, requires disciplined thinking when it comes to budgeting, projections, and continued market positioning … all of which are specialties of Legacy Residential Group.

Relationship Management

Legacy Residential Group strongly believes in building alliances within commercial real estate to maximize profitability for all those involved. To that end, we serve as a key liaison between brokers, realtors, lenders, investment companies, and even the tenants themselves to make sure no opportunities are left undiscovered.

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